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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beer Event: Split Thy Skull at Sugar Mom's in Philadelphia, PA : 4/15/06

What a great weekend!! Whouda thunk that a weekend already crowded with a hockey game, a 5K race, lawn and garden work, and a large family holiday dinner hosted at our house that there would still be time for the 11th annual barleywine/big beer tasting at Sugar Mom's on Church Street in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood. (Well, truth be told, some other things suffered, like completing those dreaded tax returns....but all in a day's work :) I hereby consider thy skull splitten! I'm not gonna bother going into too much detail; I do that enough in other reviews. Suffice to say that copious amounts of good times and beverages were had by all. Even I, sans wingman, was graciously taken in by Tracy, Scoats, Karen, Mark, Ed, Everett, Woody and my life will never be the same ;-) Without them, I would have sampled my beers and stumbled along my merry way. But, seriously, thanks to all for a great afternoon. (Woody, I'll be waiting for you in Paoli.) In case you were wondering, here's a quick rundown of the beers they were pouring at Sugar Mom's. I'll bet after reading this, I will have plenty of "wingpeople" for next year, eh?! Climax Barleywine; 75 IBU; 10% ABV Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (aged one year); 90 IBU; 9.6% ABV Nodding Head George's Fault; 10% ABV Heavyweight Wee Whale; 9% ABV (!) Sly Fox Ichor; 10% ABV Great Divide Old Ruffian; 90 IBU; 10.2% ABV (!) Victory Old Horizontal; 10.5% ABV Legacy Euphoria; 11% ABV Weyerbacher Insanity; 11.1% ABV Flying Fish Bigfish; 80 IBU; 10.5% ABV (!) Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA; 120 IBU; 20% ABV General Lafayette The Phantom 2004; 80 IBU; 10.1% ABV (!) Best 3 beers I never had before this event p.s. I don't recommend shopping and cooking after a day of high-octane beers. I pulled it off, although in a bit of a blur ;-) p.p.s. Scoats, just remember, "Pimp My Pint" and "More Bling For Your Bock" were my promotional ideas ;-)


Adam said...

Wingman! I called it for 2007 :-)

Anonymous said...

I was there too and it was a blast - in fact, most of my party is in your second picture there.

Anonymous said...

Who's in for Goat Races at Sly Fox on May 7th!?!?

Bryan said...

Sorry it's blurry.....Must admit that I had some camera trouble that day. Or was it the shaking of jittery hands due to the 120 minute?! :-0

Goat, why not?! Actually have a christening that day (not that I'm performing, though) and will not be able to attend Sly Fox :( Others?