Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beer Event: Weyerbacher Brewery Open House

Breweries tend to be located in some "interesting places." Yards is in, let's not mince words, the badlands of North Philly. Heavyweight is in a nondescript business park with a rollup garage door. Anchor is in a slowly turning neighborhood a few miles out of the more affluent areas of San Francisco. Brooklyn is similar too. You probably each have your own story about a brewery that you had a hard time finding. So, anyway, here Adam and I are traversing our way across Interstate 78 toward New Jersey. Stop, don't cross the Delaware River, and take the last exit before the state border into Easton, Pennsylvania. Make a couple of turns, pick the correct industrial park, drive and park around back of the structure, walk between two buildings, and enter through a rollup garage door. You are now at Weyerbacher Brewery. Phew! Adam and I stopped in for the annual open house of Weyerbacher Brewery. What a treat! 12 beers on tap, various cheeses, pates, and pretzels. Plus, beers to go, bourbon barrels (which their beers were aged in), merchandise, and fellow beer lovers. Who couldn't love this kind of atmosphere? This was our type of event and they sure lived up to expectations. Instead of discussing each individual beer and nuance of the event, below you will find a listing of all of the beers that Weyerbacher put on tap for us to sample during this open house. In addition, Adam and I each gave our own rankings to the 12 beers that they were serving up to us.

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