Sunday, April 23, 2006

Beer Travels: Otto's Pub & Brewery

Whew! I had a great weekend with family. Now I'm home, but, on the way back from Carrolltown I made a detour to see one of my best friends, Jeff (who is incidentally from Carrolltown), in State College, PA. Of course I had a secondary motive as well, visiting Otto's. Aside from my car breaking down and then arriving home too late to put my kids to bed, it was a good day. Every beer I tasted at Otto's was awesome! Seriously, that is the first time I have ever experienced that. :-) It can happen! I'll post a full review with more pictures later. Bryan, thanks for sharing The Cannibal from Iron Hill. I added my tasting notes. I think it stood up well even after a few days in the growler. I hope you enjoyed the Double D IPA I brought back.

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Bryan Kolesar said...

Wow! The Double IPA from Otto's was real nice! It was a perfect cap to my post-dinner Dogfish Head 60min IPA. I need to add Otto's to my cross-state travel plans next time :)