Wednesday, April 05, 2006

McKenzie Brew House, Malvern PA: They're open!


Bryan Kolesar said...

Malvern # is 610-296-2222
Chadds Ford # is 610-361-9800

Anonymous said...

They don't have anything on their website about their new location. ... and by the way: I think it's Frazer, not Malvern (right on Business 30, correct?)

Bryan Kolesar said...


Your comments are very in sync with our recent discussions:

a) We can't figure out for the life of us why their website has not even the smallest bit of information about the new location

b) Ha! If you know my personality, you know this one bugs me. Is it Frazer, Malvern...Malvern, Frazer? Ever since I moved to Malvern, I've wondered what the difference is. So, the short answer is (from an East Whiteland "official") that you can say either. Apparently, Frazer is not a legal entity. Though, it has a post office, the zip code is the same as Malvern's and technically the mailing address is Malvern. He even went as far as to copy a map for me from the 1870s to show that Frazer is an area of East Whiteland township....but it is neither a town, township, borough, city, village, or anything else for that matter. (It was also a stop on the Pennsylvania Railroad)

He said, from his point-of-view, that he considered Frazer to extend along Route 30 from approximately the Home Depot at Route 202 up to around Route 401. But, not even he could swear on it. Ugh, the debate continues....

Thanks for the comments!