Friday, April 07, 2006

Beer Tasting: Lagunitas Brown Shugga'

Brown Shugga' is an Strong Ale brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. This bottle was purchased from 3 Sons Dogs and Suds in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Have you tasted this beer? Let us know what you think. As a suggestion, try to keep the review as brief as possible for each of the following: appearance; smell; taste; mouthfeel; and drinkability. Appearance Bryan: Pours a smooth dark body with a creamy, foamy head that hangs around for a bit Smell Bryan: When cold, the aroma of basic malts come through; as it warms, the sweet smell of molasses and brown sugar are evident Taste Bryan: Virtually lives up to the nose. Ideally drank closer to 60F, it’s full of flavor…sweet and malty richness Mouthfeel Bryan: thick coating feel to this beer that takes its time finishing down the back of your mouth Drinkability Bryan: Just a good, fully well-rounded beer that makes you happy to be drinking it; one of the best of the winter season Seconds? Bryan: Duh!


Applejax said...

I am listening to WMMR, they have Iron Hill's owner & one of the master brewers on right now & he's talking about new Reserve Bottles they have. It may only be in the Media location. Right now you can only get them in house. They are in the process of getting the ok to sell them for take home.

Bryan Kolesar said...

That's good to know. Thanks for the update. We're gonna be highlighting on Iron Hill a bit more, esp. with their new location under construction in Phoenixville.

Bottling would be a great addition for them.