Monday, April 17, 2006

Beer Tasting: St. Peter's English Ale

This is an English-style ale from St. Peter's Brewery, St. Peter's Hall, Nr. Bungay, Suffolk, UK. This 16.9 fluid ounce bottle was graciously donated by co-worker Brodie, who hails from the UK. If I recall correctly, it was purchased in the Reading, Pennsylvania area. He has been anxious to hear our thoughts on the beer and we are happy to report, as you will soon hear, that we were impressed with this flavorful, drinkable English-style ale.

One unique aspect of this beer is the packaging. The bottle shape is reminiscent of medicine bottles from the period of the American Revolution. Apparently, according to the bottle label, it has local connections for us as they claim the bottle design was created for a Philadelphia-area brewer in the time period of the late 1700s.

Have you tasted this beer? Let us know what you think. As a suggestion, try to keep the review as brief as possible for each of the following: appearance; smell; taste; mouthfeel; and drinkability. Appearance Adam: slightly cloudy apricot, short head dissipates to thick ring Bryan: pours an inconsistent, thin, large bubble head; a cloudy light-bronze color beer Smell Adam: not much of a nose, hint of sweetness Bryan: faint aromas of fig newtons and light syrup Taste Adam: moderate malty mild & tea-like, slight tangy after taste Bryan: reminds me a bit of John Courage; not an overwhelming flavor and a bit of sourness that lingers afterward for a while Mouthfeel Adam: slight carbonation spreads the delicate flavor Bryan: light-to-medium; sticks a bit to the roof of mouth as it slides through Drinkability Adam: refined and pleasant Bryan: Yes, and don't let my sour comment dissuade you Seconds? Adam: all night without missing a beat ;-) Bryan: just one more for now; but, I could definitely see this being a good "session beer"

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