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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beer Word: Imperial

Imperial (adj.) 3.a. Having supreme authority; sovereign. b. Regal; majestic. 4. Outstanding in size or quality. source: Seems like the fourth definition at could be the closest in describing how the word 'imperial' is being used now to describe beers of unusually big, wild, and over-the-top beers. The word is most commonly being tossed in front of IPA and stout. I tend to think of it as meaning 'more', 'bigger', 'stronger', and/or 'fuller' (in flavor or body). So, what does it mean to you? Does it have a well-defined, structured meaning? Or is it more of a marketing term to entice you into wanting to taste the beer? It will be interesting to hear your thoughts. Hoppy trails....


jjk said...

The only beer-related context in which I have heard 'Imperial' is 'Imperial Stout'. And I have assumed, like you mentioned, that it was a marketing plot and simply meant 'Extra Strength Stout' or some such nonsense.

It would be interesting to see if it has a more precise meaning than that, or if different brands use it different (but uniformly within each brand).

Bryan said...

Looks like a "spirited" conversation (as usual) over at regarding the Imperial branding.