Thursday, February 22, 2007

Beer & Tastebuds: Back in the Saddle after the Flu

I don't know if you have noticed, but, I've been a bit absent from this space over the last week. Thanks for taking up the slack Bryan. I know we all like to see something fresh here everyday. So where have I been? Sick with the flu :-( Here's the story. The last beer I tasted before taking ill was Tuesday night a week ago. I had a hard time tasting an Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout. This is when I noticed that something was wrong. It just didn't taste all that great and I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck ;-). I'm sure somebody out there can back me up on that one. I suspected that I might be coming down with something, but, tried to shrug it off. Well that didn't work. I called in sick the next day and joined the rest of the family watching TV and coughing. As you might imagine I didn't really enjoy the next couple of days with a fever, cough and just being plain washed out. I Lost my appetite for most food, even beer. SHOCK and horror, I know. Of course I don't really drink alcohol when I'm sick because it tends to dehydrate me, but, worse than that it just tastes like crap when you are sick. This brings me to what I think is an interesting point. What if you're sense of taste were taken away? So much of what I like about beer relies on that one sense, taste. I guess you could say I have taken it for granted. Not anymore. I can't wait until I can taste a beer again. Seven days and counting. How long must I wait? Anybody out there sick? Here's to getting your health back and hoping your taste buds come with it. NOTE: Over the weekend I did have a beer that almost cured me, Stone IPA. If you think your taste buds are still only at 10% and you want to enjoy a beer, Stone IPA. My taste buds never tasted anything sweeter. I know I didn't really taste it...taste it, but, those hops really came through loud and clear.


Bryan Kolesar said...

Ha! It reminds me of the old Miller Lite commercials...."I Can't Taste My Beer!"

Anonymous said...

Dude, at least you were home while it happened. I came down not quite with the flu, but something with enough clogging action that I couldn't taste a thing... and I was in California for 10 days! I had to pass on Stone Brewery, Lucky Baldwins, 21st Ammendment, Toronado, etc. etc. I did however force myself to stop at Magnolia to check out the Strong Beer Month lineup :)

Adam said...

Now that is not cool. :-( Sheesh, all that beer a such little sense of taste.

Hope you're feeling better now.