Friday, February 09, 2007

Giveaway 2/16/07 - Qualifying Round 1

Let's get things started here with a photo challenge. At stake is a book named Beer School which deals with the almost 20 years of fascinating Brooklyn Brewery history. Click here for more detail.

This photo challenge harkings back to one of our favorite beer events of 2006. We wrote quite a bit about it and posted links and pictures of each day that we spent camping in the RV at the event and travelling to and from it. The brewery's facility is in the background of this picture.

Name the brewery that hosted this event. (p.s. keyword is RV)

Either comment below, or send an e-mail to All correct responses will be entered into the drawing set to occur next Friday. There will be two more chances to enter before then. Look for them and good luck!

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Bryan Kolesar said...

Okay, Now that I've figured out that I'm an idiot, DO NOT COMMENT with your answer. E-mail to us only, or we'll disqualify you. Sheesh, what an idiot ;-)