Monday, February 05, 2007

Topic of the Week: What's so good about beer anyway?

Last week we talked about when beer sucks. This week we want to hear about when beer doesn' So, what is so good about beer anyway? Why should people care about beer so much? I mean really, why do we spend so much time thinking, writing and reading about it? (oh yeah, drinking it too) We have OUR reasons, but, what about you? What's so good about beer anyway?

I like beer, because...

  • I have had some of the best conversations in my life over a beer (or two).
  • I can brew my own at home.

Click here to post YOUR reasons for liking beer.


Nate said...

1. You can find a style to suit anyone's tastes.
2. You can find a style to go with just about any food.
3. Finding new beers is a great reason for traveling.
4. It can be enjoyed on many different levels.
5. For unpasteurized/bottle conditioned beer, it's a living and ever-changing drink.
6. It tastes better than water.
7. It lubricates conversation (whether talking/blogging about beer, or talking over a pint).
8. You can make your own at home, and get friends involved.
9. You never quite know what you might get - a wonderful surprise or extreme disappointment.
10. It's easy to find.

Adam said...

Whoa! 10 at once! :-) Thanks Nate.

Loren said...

It generates some of the most combative internet arguments the world has ever seen...simply over an opinion.

Don't forget...hops are healthy!