Monday, February 12, 2007

Giveaway 2/16/07 - Qualifying Round 2

We warned you that you would have to work for this prize. In this second round, you'll need to do some searching and some arithmetic. Seven of you already have a entry in for the drawing on 2/16/07. Earn your first, or an additional if you already have one, slip of paper in the drawing if you can answer the following question. The 70's were big for the craft beer movement. In what year was the first brewpub, New Albion, opened by Jack McAuliffe? Add the year in which homebrewing was made legal with a Jimmy Carter presidential signature? Let's get current. Take the sum from above and subtract from it the total number (rounded up to the nearest hundred) of craft breweries in the U.S. in 2006. Finally, divide this result by the number of gallons in a barrel of beer (not to be confused with the "half keg") Add 1900. For an entry in the drawing, what's the final answer (rounded to the nearest integer)? E-mail your answer to For a bonus entry, there is a relationship between the final answer and one of the clues from above. What is it?


Stan Hieronymus said...

Hi guys,

I thought I left this as a comment earlier, so excuse any duplication.

By opening do you mean the year Jack McAuliffe started the brewery or the year he began selling beer?


Bryan Kolesar said...

Even though several of you have reached the answer that we were looking for, I believe a bit of clarification is in order.

New Albion should be described as a micro/craft brewery, not a brewpub. And, the year that we're looking for is the year in which it is most widely reported that they opened. Since there can be some debate over this, we will accept two answers depending upon the year that use to answer the New Albion question.