Friday, February 02, 2007

Topic of the Week: Beer Sucks - Wrap Up

Over the last week we've been discussing the topic of "Beer Sucks". Although not the most eloquent choice of words for a tilte, it gets the point across. (...ok was linkbait) My intention was to help us keep our feet on the ground and in the process explore the reasons behind a bad beer experience. Not all beer is good all the time. Enough of the negativity. Next week's topic of the week will be something positive, but, along the same lines. Thank you to all who have contributed. Nate, Eli, Loren, Stonch, Leo-oo-, Joe Meloney, Sir Ruff, Travis and Mike. (in no particular order) Beer sucks when...
  • you are surrounded by smokers trying to taste one of your favorite beers
  • you take a sip of beer right after you brushed your teeth
  • served too cold and you can't really taste it
  • it was left out in the sun for hours
  • your neighbor serves you a 5 year old can of beer (shudder)
  • the glass is too small
  • the glass is too cold
  • glasses are improperly washed. (kills the head and just look nasty)
  • the beer lines are dirty and change the taste of a beer
  • you’ve already had too many and you get the opportunity to try something you’ve been dying to taste
  • you have a cold and can't taste it
  • a brewery poorly executes a style of beer
  • when you can't get a certain beer in your region
  • when it is too fizzy (instead think proper real ale from casks?)


Jeremy said...

Here is my late submission... Beer sucks when... you make a homebrew and there must have been some sediment from a previous beer left in a bottle and it contaminates your brew... yuck!

Adam said...

Uh...yeah...I've been there. What a waste of a homebrew. Worse yet when you ruin a whole batch, 5 gal.