Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Brew Lounge Great Contest Giveaway I

Update: The Giveaway is underway. Click here to participate!

The Brew Lounge's goodie bin is full and it's time to start giving stuff away. But, we're gonna make you work for it. There'll be three qualifying rounds over the next week to give you the chance to be eligible for the giveaway prize. The first round will be a picture challenge. The second round will be a trivia question. The third round will be a beer challenge (in the spirit of Craft Beer Radio's 'What Beer Am I?').

The first giveaway will be a book donated by the fine folks over at Wiley Publishers. Beer School is a chronicle of the building of the Brooklyn Brewery brand name. The business approach of Steve Hindy and Tom Potter is spelled out across almost 300 pages and hooks the reader right from the forward and preface. Anyone interested in a good beer and business story should find it interesting and a good companion on the shelf next to Sam Calagione's Brewing Up A Business, also from Wiley.

Check back tomorrow, February 9th, for the first challenge.
February 12th for the second challenge.
February 14th for the third challenge.

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