Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beer Tasting: Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm Category 5 Ale

The Beer: Clipper City/Heavy Seas Winter Storm ("Category 5") Ale
Style: Imperial ESB
Reviews: Beer Advocate Rate Beer
Packaging & Date Stamping: 12 oz. brown bottle; 'purchase by' date notched as May 2007

From where & how stored: Obtained via holiday beer exchange in Dec. 2005 and stored at 50F since then

Pricing: $x.xx

Availability: Winter Seasonal

ABV, IBU, and Other Available Stats: 7.5% ABV
Bryan's Notes
The Look:
- Clean filtered dark brown ale
- 2-finger tight, light tan head, with some larger bubbles in the formation of a star (really! like me Lucky Charms :)
- fades and leaves lacing all over the glass walls

The Aroma:
- unremarkable
- bit of alcohol
- bit of bark and earthiness

The Taste:
- medium-bodied
- noticeable kick of citric tart bitterness
- must be the malt to balance out the hops

The Verdict: It's loaded with Magnum, Fuggles, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops so that must be where the bitterness (duh) is coming from. But, I don't think it's too in your face and is nice. Otherwise, I'm having a hard time trying to find something remarkable to say about this beer, but it may have to wait until next year. It's a drinkable hop-friendly beer, but one or two for the session will be just fine, thank you.
Adam's Notes
The Look:
- pours a very thin head even with aggressive pour

The Aroma:
- very amber, fruity ale nose ( not like real fruit, but, like real ale )

The Taste:
- tangy malt
- slightly roasty
- alcohol is present
- mixes with the bitterness of this beer
- almost too bitter

The Verdict: is probably as close to an Alt than anything. Think Alt and take a drink. I wouldn't pass on it offered.

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