Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Amazing Weekly Philly Beer Calendar of December 2008, week 2

This year, December's Beer Calendar in the Philadelphia Region is not planning to take a back seat to any other month of the year. With a festive calendar of events planned, I'll post a little preview of each week's events. With at least an equally long list of social events and to-do lists, you'll want to make sure that you take in at least one or two events during the month...y'know...just to keep a good life balance...and low stress...or whatever other excuses you might need to employ to avoid unpleasant tasks or obligations ;-) Ready for week two?...December 8th-December 14th 2008 How about some cheap or free tasting events to stay hydrated this week? Check out the following, for example: ~ A Firkin of Victory Night @Standard Tap on the 10th ~ Earth Bread + Brewery keeps the sampling going on the 11th with a Sly Fox Meet the Brewer/Keep the Glass Night ~ Christmas Beers will be pouring and Don Russell will be caroling (well, only if you buy him enough beer) at Isaac Newton's on the 11th ~ Both Drafting Room locations will be pouring firkin-served East End Big Hop Harvest from the bar top on the 11th ~ There's another Victory Keep the Pint Night this time at Gavin's Tavern on the 11th ~ Free beer at Capone's on the 11th ~ Writing? Imbibing? Combining the Two? Only at the Grey Lodge, of course, on the 12th with the next wacky installment of beer promotions - OMG! Ommegang! and Authors A'Plenty #6 ~ Shopping? Imbibing? Combining the Two? Only at Sugar Mom's on the 13th. Sheesh, these guys are just trying to one-up each other - 15th Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts (& Beer) Show ~ New Holland's popping up everywhere nowadays...with no small thanks to Dr. Joel. This time it's a Friday Night Tasting out in West Chester @Goshen Beverage on the 12th ~ Did you miss the bottled lambics in Wilmington last week? Not to worry, get thyself to Media on the 13th for another Bottled Lambics Release Party @Iron Hill ~ In case you're not firkin-ed out (is that possible?), head a little farther out still from the city to Union Jack's on the Manatawny on the 13th for another Sly Fox Firkin Night A handful of special events and dinners look worth checking out. They include: ~ B.United Importers will help you rest comfortably when they present you with A Beer Geek's Winter Dream with Matthias Neidhart @Tria Café on the 9th. ~ It's a little farther out of the city, but one that's worth checking out. The Wild Game & Beer Dinner will keep the holidays from boring you at Union Barrel Works on the 9th. (menu over here) Now, for the biggy. It's an annual must-do in Phoenixville. Don't you go missing it...unless you don't like hops...then, well, forget it until next year when they kick off a Session Pale Ale Project. ~ Fri. 12/12 - IPA Project Day 2008 @Sly Fox; show up anytime after 11:30am and before last call. All the party people will be there at some point I'm sure. For the full December list, you know where to go.

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