Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Cask for the Holidays

I was going to post the tap list from The Drafting Room in Exton, PA but I figured that all you really need to know is that the Racer 5 is on the hand pump. Unless you don't like hops, then feel free to skip the Bear Republic offerings (Grandma's Ale, Black Bear Stout, and Hop Rod Rye). Then, you can instead skip to the Anchor Holiday or Rogue Yellow Snow...oh wait, that's an IPA. But wait, if Parkerford Brewing was partaking in the cask, it seems like a sign that all was good with the Racer 5. There was a 1/2 barrel of the Racer 5, and while it won't be kicked tonight it doesn't look like it will last for much longer judging from the number of pints being pulled from it tonight. A bunch of the usual suspects were there doing damage to the keg, including a certain, um, gentleman who participated in a Germantown Avenue pub crawl today and curiously thought that Germantown Ave. ran through Chester County.


Anonymous said...

I am old (but not as old as Uncle Jack) and got a little lost. Not really. After leaving EB+B (prior to that we were at McMenamin's, General Lafayette's Inn and started at Capone's), we were focused on tasting some of the Bear Republic offerings at TDR. The cask-conditioned version of Racer 5 was simply outeffinragous!! Glad we didn't miss that tasty treat. Finished up with an Uncle Teddy's before calling it a day-and-a-night. It was good workout in preparation for this evening.

Cheers - Richard

Anonymous said...

Even I liked the Racer 5 on the handpump