Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Amazing Weekly Philly Beer Calendar of December 2008, week 4

This year, December's Beer Calendar in the Philadelphia Region is not planning to take a back seat to any other month of the year. With a festive calendar of events planned, I'll post a little preview of each week's events. With at least an equally long list of social events and to-do lists, you'll want to make sure that you take in at least one or two events during the month...y'know...just to keep a good life balance...and low stress...or whatever other excuses you might need to employ to avoid unpleasant tasks or obligations ;-) Here goes...week four...December 22nd-December 28th 2008; a bit of a slow down from the prior weeks of this month, but still enough to keep things festive, I'd say. Gotta stay lubricated during these holidays. You've got some tasting events to get you through the week at various locations around the region. Check out the following, for example: ~ Not wanting to miss a beat and never one to shy from their own unique events, Spanky, Leigh, and the Memphis Taproom crew will celebrate Boxing Day with a Beer Festival of sorts on the 26th (and don't forget your charitable contributions for a discount) ~ But, first, on the Eve of Christmas Eve (that'd be the 23rd), he and Leigh will be clearing the taps to make way for the Boxing Day Beauties by offering up all remaining taps at $3 each. ~ How about on Christmas Eve, to help get you to sleep before Santa arrives, you head on over to Standard Tap for some whiskey-laden Ten Fidy? I had some of this fine elixir at Falling Rock back in October and can't wait to try it again. No more festive way to wake up on Christmas morning than with pleasant memories of this beer from the night before. A handful of special events and dinners look worth checking out. They include: ~ It's so close to Christmas, how about we do this on the 25th? Well, Victory's Holiday Dinner is actually on the 23rd, but I'll bet the festivities will rival Christmas Day. It's sold out; you should still call and see if you might sneak in on a vacated reservation. But, the big one is on the 27th. ~ Clear your calendar for a post-holiday "reset" with Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack), and a bunch of his Christmas Beers, & Winter Warmers @University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archeology and Anthropology For the full December list, you know where to go.

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