Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Spin Around the Web, This Time it's in Video

Last week, I took you on a wordy tour of the web. Many of you appeared to enjoy the articles...or at least you followed the links. This week, I'll make things a bit easier on you. The links here are to videos of beer-related stuff. Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy. Several are just a few minutes, but none are longer than 30 minutes. They all come courtesy of NPR's Science Friday. Now I'm by no means a scientist but I am drawn to the topics and have a desire to learn as much as possible. And being beer and food related makes the learning more palatable, so to speak. Phew, more room on my desktop cleared...I know that many of you out there are dealing with crappy weather (depending upon your definition of crappy, though) across much of the country today, so hopefully these videos will be useful today, or with your morning coffee tomorrow. enjoy How brewing works Distilling Spirits Urban sustainable environments Beer and Good Head Why Beer Bubbles Cheese from Hendricks Farm (Telford, PA) - watch for the Chimay bottle; take that, Wine (link to Hendricks) An Interview with Wisconsin Brewers

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