Friday, December 12, 2008

Around the Web We Go

I read a lot. Or perhaps better stated, I read and browse a lot. As I read, browse, and stumble my way around traditional and "new" media, I drop notes into my notepad (yes, the actual paper and pen device), drop shortcuts on to my desktop (that'd be the electronic thing), print hard copies of longer material for quiet uninterrupted reading (sitting on the tarmac is great for this, esp. at PHL), and make these notes of connected neurons (not usually a great idea) to revisit something later. Over the past several months, there have been a handful or so of news links that haven't made their way into any particular posting of mine. Not that there's anything wrong with the article; it just didn't find a natural fit into anything specific that I've had to say at a particular time. Okay, you got me, some of these also slipped through the cracks just lying around waiting for me to find them again. In the spirit of end of year cleanup, I'll do a bit of a dump here for your reading pleasure. They are all relatively short, for those of you with the short attention span syndrome, but very interesting. Now that I've done this, I've got a bit of new room to fill on my desktop. Here's the most recent headliner, the unfortunate near-shutdown of the Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA. The search for a new site continues while the beer will be contracted out of The Lion in Wilkes-Barre, PA. A disheartening story, especially for those laid off, anytime of the year but particularly during the holiday season. And a few more from previous months... ~ Vinnie Cilurzo on CHOW ~ Terrapin Brewery on CNN ~ Charles Bamforth at UC Davis in the LA Times ~ Italian Craft Beer surge in the San Francisco Chronicle ~ Jim Koch from some brewery called Boston Beer Co. in the NY Times ~ Kim Jordan of New Belgium in Colorado Biz Magazine And, here's an oldie from a year and a half ago. ~ Getting a Zamboni DWI in New Jersey? not so fast

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