Saturday, December 27, 2008

Try This Pairing: Victory's Abbey 6 & Spicy Glazed Ham

Should I be freaked out? What am I becoming? Or vice versa? I go to Victory for a growler fill (for dinner pairing) and glass of Yakima Twilight (I support, I mean he supports my's a mighty fine brew) during the wait on Christmas Eve. Jack goes there on the day after Christmas and does same. Er...anyways... A growler of Abbey 6 from Victory on Christmas Eve made for the perfect holiday pairing for our Christmas Day dinner. Patty had found a recipe for a ginger glaze that had a good dosing of ginger, garlic, and dark molasses, along with a mild undercurrent of habanero pepper. Covering the juicy and tender ham with this sweet and spicy glaze and pairing it with the Belgian fruitiness and dry finish of the Abbey 6 made for the perfect dinner combination that I just couldn't get enough of. Not tipping the ABV scales at around 6.5% also made this a winner and easy-to-finish growler. If you're interested in the recipe for the glaze, let me know. I'm thinking now maybe another growler of it to go with leftover ham sandwiches this weekend? Thoughts?

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