Tuesday, December 09, 2008

East End Firkin at The Drafting Room Beats Running

At least this Thursday it does; when faced with running in 35 degree weather, darkness, and the threat of showers on the leading edge of a nor'easter, I'm choosing The Drafting Room in Exton instead. They've got a firkin of East End's Big Hop on the bar this coming Thursday evening (as does their sister location in Spring House). East End is a small brewery in Pittsburgh that only gets out to the eastern side of the state (heck, even out of Allegheny County is an accomplishment) once in a while. The beer is usually top notch, so I don't want to miss this treat. Plus, I can't recall that I've ever had anything cask-conditioned from East End in the past. This IPA should be an excellent introduction. I can always run on the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

That's it then. I'm heading to the Spring House Drafting Room Thursday night. Thanks!