Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buckbean's Session beers

A few weeks back, I described how a beer that is given to me needs to be really impressive in one direction or the other for me to write about it. I won't do reviews of mediocre beer (at least mediocre as my palate dictates). And while the beers from Buckbean, hailing from Reno, NV, were not to-the-moon impressive, their delivery package is a can and that is certainly worth writing about. From Sly Fox here at home to Oskar Blues and 21st Amendment, better beer is becoming available in the best answer to skunked beer. And, the best answer for how to take beer on a camping trip, the golf course, a boating trip, or the softball game. Well, maybe a keg is still better for the softball game, but you get my point. So, here were two that were sent to me from the little brewery from the southwest of Nevada that I'd only first heard of at this past year's GABF competition. In fact, Buckbean took home a bronze for the Black Noddy that I was particularly satisfied with. The Orange Blossom made me, or at least paired with the post-grass cutting pollen...helped me, have a mild allergy attack. I guess those orange blossoms must have been for real. So it was fortunate that I had a second can to try this past weekend. I'm not quite sure what to make of the Orange Blossom. Since I've never had the Buffalo Bill's (or any other similar beer) to compare against, I'm left with the main impression that I got, and that was of a Sunkist-like orange soda. It's refreshing to be sure. But, not exactly my cup of tea so to speak. The Black Noddy, on the other hand? I had no difficulty whatsoever with this beer. A great, canned session beer that packs a moderate level of roasted grain flavor and medium body is how I would best describe it. I might ordinarily prefer just a touch more body, but for a warm summer day, this is just perfect. There are faint hints of chocolate in this easy-drinking schwarzbier. In some ways, it reminded me of another similar favorite...Sprecher's Black Bavarian, a year-round easy drinking light, dark-colored beer. All in all...another win for canned craft beer.

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