Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Shut Up about the U.S.

Ron Pattison writes a blog called Shut Up about Barclay Perkins from the other side of the pond that often gets very technical in brewing processes, oft times decades- and centuries-old brewing processes. Some are very fascinating and some go, quite honestly, over my head. Still, especially for those who are inclined to study and master these brewing processes, the distillation (pun intended, kind of?) of the material that Ron undertakes makes the reading quite palatable. He's been doing the beer writing thing at his blog for a couple of years now and this link will take you to one of the earliest postings, which also helps to describe where the name for the blog came from. He also knows quite a bit about drinking through the continent, particularly Amsterdam, and as such conducts beer tours. It was for some of his other material, though, that I'm linking to here today. Outside of the beer regions that I frequent the most, Philadelphia and San Francisco Bay Area, my next two favorite and frequently visited are Madison, WI and New York City. Ron visited both of these on a recent trip to the states. Linking to his material here is for more than just getting his take on some of my favorite places in the U.S. to drink better beer. I find that it's extremely useful to get an "outsider's" take on this country's bars, people, and beer drinking habits. Each entry in his U.S. Holiday Journal is informative, but his last entry does a nice job of summarizing his impressions. See below, and tell Ron that I sent you. ~ Wisconsin ~ NYC, part 1 ~ NYC, part 2 ~ NYC, part 3 ~ NYC, part 4 ~ NYC, part 5 ~ NYC, part 6 ~ Summary

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