Friday, May 29, 2009

Support the Beer Yard and Hoppy Brewing TONIGHT

Copied from an afternoon Beer Yard e-mail, here's a good reason to take cover tonight inside of Beer Yard in Wayne, PA. With a severe thunderstorm warning, there's not much you can do outdoors anyway. Plus, Matt makes a great point about the brewer/rep showing up during tasting events. I'm sure there are some of you that will go to any and all free samplings no matter what's being poured or who is there. (I know that sounds like a swipe, but it's really not...I think.) To me, a large bit of the appeal of a sampling event is the opportunity to meet up with a representative (owner, brewer, sales rep) from the brewery that can share stories and information while sampling the beer. While I realize that with the increasing attention, popularity, and business around craft beer, everyone's time has become more valuable and brewery staff is becoming stretched more thinly. So it's with that said that it's nice to see at tonight's tasting of Sacramento, California's Hoppy Brewing at Beer Yard, the owner/brewer (Troy Paski) will be there to help promote his product. If I wasn't already previously committed, I'd be there. Please stand in for me.
Beer Yard Quickie 5/29/09 A lot of great events coming up in the next few weeks, so get out a enjoy a few beers. But first and foremost I will be asking a favor. Our sampling for today was cancelled earlier this week, but as luck would have it I got a call from one of my suppliers and it was filled. Well this is were you come in, I need you to stop by from 5-7 today. Oh I guess I should tell you whose coming, Troy the owner/brewer from Hoppy Brewing out of California. Don't know Hoppy brewing? Well neither do I really, so here is your chance to taste some beer and meet the man behind the beer. This is a rarity anymore folks, as we do samplings weekly, it is rare for a brewer to show up anymore. and a brewer from CA, is even something a little rarer. So stop in a give him a good ole PA welcome.

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