Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the hub-bub of beer and pictures, I snapped the likenesses of a few lovebirds at Iron Hill's festival this past weekend but somehow missed Ric Hoffman (of Stewart's Brewing in Bear, DE...y'know right?) and his better half, Natalie. Odd, seeing as how we all chatted for quite a few minutes...with Sage's permission of course. So, I thought I'd make up for it, hardy har, by surfacing a link that I don't believe I've ever shared with's from the T.U.D. at Fergie's on the last night of PBW2009 and since the song involves a wedding, it all seemed to make least to me. With only, like, 60 views it seems that many or all of you may not have seen this yet. Make the jump to YouTube and Enjoy...

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