Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Showcasing the Homebrewer

I've often been heard asking (somewhat hypothetically, somewhat not so) how homebrewers can get more recognition in the mainstream world of eats and drinks. Of course there are homebrewing competitions, but the general public is still a bit bewildered and suspicious about homebrewing...even to the extent of saying "I didn't realize you could make your own beer." Yes, my friends, there really are people out there like that. People who dabble in the kitchen with foodstuffs get recognition on everything from The Food Network to local faires and festivals. Judging, prizes, and fame can await the best toque. But, homebrewers? How about 'em? Well this summer in Philadelphia, homebrewers will have a chance to get their homebrew selected to be paired for a special beer dinner at a "normal" restaurant (i.e. not a brewpub or necessarily beer-centric bar). I received this notice last week, but Quickdraw Curtin posted it up before I got around to it. Don't you just picture Jack sitting there at his PC poised to pounce on the latest hot topic? Unless he's walking Buddy, cajoling the Craft Ale House folks, grabbing a bite or beer from the fridge, or taking a picture of his work environment, not many beat Jack at his game as he holds court in his writer's garret. That's the proverbial big bucks speaking loudly and justifying themselves, I'm sure. Anyways, I figured I'd wait a week or so...then, particularly for the benefit of those who have not yet seen this mid-July event, post a little something here of my own. (Plus, y'know, if I start looking too viral-like...the advertising kind, not the swine kind mind you...the curmudgeons might come out of their nooks and beat me silly.) Enough of the wordplay and innuendo. Let's Get to Brewing and on to the most important point of all this. Mémé restaurant will be hosting a beer and food night in July. Up until June 15th, homebrewers may submit samples of beer to be judged ultimately for the chance to be featured with one of the courses of the meal. Time, folks, to get brewing. Maybe you've done something for the recent AHA Big Brew that you'd like to take a shot with. Even if I don't come out of my brewing hibernation to participate, I'm going to put this night on my calendar to attend. Here's the rest of the press release from the marketing wing.
July at Mémé will be dedicated to bringing together both novice and savvy brewers with food lovers and Chef David Katz is scouring the Philadelphia beer scene to identify non-professional artisans who'd like to introduce their craft to a new audience of beer (and food) lovers. The first annual Home Brew event-the first in a series of events highlighting craftspeople and their use of artisan ingredients-will be held on Tuesday July 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Mémé. The event will showcase the talents of every day people that hand craft their own brews. If you've brewed your own beer and would like to share your creation at this event, drop off a small sample along with your name, contact info and type of beer you've brewed by Monday, June 15, for our selection committee to taste. The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. And, if you'd like to sample the goodies, spend the evening talking to the artists behind the brewed delights, or just want to enjoy a fun evening with new friends and food lovers, just call the restaurant for a reservation. The cost to attend is just $25 per person and attendees will be the ultimate decision makers on who's brew is the best. Guests will be able to mosey from table to table, nosh on some complimentary hors d'oeuvres prepared by Chef Katz and indulge in the beer tasting. Meme is located at 2201 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 215-735-4900, memerestaurant.com.

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