Saturday, May 30, 2009

Varga is Open and People are Talking

Since receiving this note in amongst an e-mail from Casey Hughes (Flying Fish) last week, the 'Nets have been catching all sorts of chatter about a new watering hole named Varga in Center City Philadelphia. "Next time you're in center city go check out Varga on 10th and Spruce, 20 craft beers on draft and 2 hand pumps. 120 on draft and they sell growlers" Looks like yet another joint worth putting on my ever-growing list. Since last week we have some sightings from Gina the Femme, Collin at, and a similar wrap-up from Arthur at Foobooz.


Jonny Rashid said...

I was wrote some of my impressions here. It's really a killer place. I loved it!

Mark said...

Wow - another beer bar in my nick of the woods! Thanks for the heads ups - Byran. Had a chance, myself to have a taste (bottled not draft)of La Fin Du Monde during a recent trip to Tampa. Being a fan of Golden Monkey found La Fin enjoyable but like GM - watch the ABV.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thanks, Jonny, for the link.

Marck, isn't it getting to the point that if you need to go more than 3-4 blocks for a good beer in Philly, you're definitely not paying attention? good stuff, eh?

Drop me a note if you get to Varga to let me know your thoughts.