Monday, May 25, 2009

Craft Ale House and The Brew Lounge will be Closed in Observance of Memorial Day

There once was a time, some of you may recall, that holidays were exactly that. (Sundays were a day of rest as well, but that's another story.) Virtually all retail shops had closed the night before, filling stations were only maybe/possibly open if it was on the turnpike or some other major thoroughfare (and full service meant just that, but once again another story), and people's mall-walking exercise ended for the weekend on Saturday night. So, why "nowadays" do so many holidays feel like just another day in the week/year? Why do so many businesses feel more inclined to be open rather than shutting down and giving their employees a break? Are the margins and opportunity for profit so great that it's worth being open? Does it help to further the "competitive advantage?" I don't believe so, but that's just the proverbial me. Anyway it was nice to see the notice from Craft Ale House saying that they be closed and honoring the the employees the day off. That means if you might have relied on CAH for take-out Memorial Day beer sales, you'd need to have shopped before Memorial Day...and filled up your car with gas, bought the propane, gone to the butcher...oh wait. This posting has been brought to you in honor of military personnel who have served our country and especially those who have lost their lives. Especially for my father, a World War II veteran, who I'm sure is where I get my dismay over the commercialization of holidays and the robbing of our once-less-hectic Sundays. Back tomorrow with a wrap-up and pictures from in and around Philadelphia this holiday weekend.

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