Thursday, May 28, 2009

TJs packs 'em in for Quizzo...and they have Great Beer too, did you know?

It's been a while since I've written a love letter for TJs. Tonight's tap list reminded me of why TJs scores among the highest marks for suburban Philadelphia beer bar, on this man's scoresheet. Well-rounded menu, friendly service, diverse crowd, and excellent beer there something missing? Didn't think so. Take a look at their real-time tap list online, or grab a picture of it of 9:45pm tonight. It changes did the Ommegang Rouge to a Saison Dupont. How can you argue with that? It struck me that from the Scotch Ale to the Double IPAs, from the Belgian Saisons to the Barrel-aged, to the local beers, the Wits, and the session beers...TJs tap list this weekend has got something to please every beer drinker in your group. Now, with the summertime in full effect, Quizzo Thursday's are becoming more popular than they already were prior to Memorial Day. If you want the Blind Pig from Russian River, you've got a few more days before it disappears. It's a half barrel, so you've got maybe a week to get in there to score some of the country's best IPA.


Lappy said...

Stop talking about TJ's! I miss it now that I'm not a regular R5 rider.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Dear Jersey Boy...Then, I'll try not to mention Teresa's LBC event tonight