Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter-glee or Twitter-dum?

After a couple of years of a dormant Facebook account, I've been making an effort (some might say a weak effort) to incorporate Facebook into my daily way of life. I've become convinced that between the networks/groups, photo albums, status updates, and numerous other bells and whistles it's a pretty darn good tool for keeping in touch and abreast of happenings between friends, family, and business associates. Mixing the three, though, I presume could become a bit problematic depending upon how mutually exclusive you'd like the three to be. And, I'm still trying to figure out the "friendship" that apparently exists by way of Facebook with people but that never really existed in the past. Yet, as a tool to rekindle a friendship, it's a start I suppose. I can't say that I've reached that point with Twitter. Perhaps it's my age, maybe it's my personality (does this qualify me for the curmudgeonlihood?!), or could be that I don't see a viable use for an individual such as myself to communicate past what I'm already doing with e-mail, The Brew Lounge website, and Facebook. I do see, however, viable uses for those who have businesses or livelihoods tied to communicating of-the-moment type of information. You might say, 'well Bryan isn't The Brew Lounge a business of sorts'? Eh, maybe 'of sorts', maybe not. What I have to say and how I like to say it is sufficiently happy to go about its telling as it always has at The Brew Lounge. Plus, stream-of-consciousness is not really my thing and it seems like the opportunity for getting caught with foot-in-mouth disease or in an awkward moment is more likely with this type of an online tool. If I do want to share with you what I'm doing just at this very moment, I'll update my status at Facebook. After all, isn't that the same thing as twittering/tweeting? Then, I can share pictures, with captions and tags, tied in with groups, etc etc for a more complete picture of me and what I'm trying to communicate about me. For more detailed writing and capsules, I'll post something to The Brew Lounge (uh, er, that's here....talking in the third person about a website, eh?) Perhaps I need to be enlightened about deeper more enhanced forms of Twitter usage if they exist. If not, I'd argue this as a primary reason that a tool such as Facebook will outlast something like Twitter...or at least I can only hope, for the sake of communication amongst humankind. How's that for apocalyptic? (UPDATE: Jack Curtin has recently posted his thoughts; Andy Crouch has as well, and later followed up with confirmation of his feelings...if you're inclined to see their viewpoints on this same topic.) Don't misconstrue this as being apologetic. I actually do have an account at Twitter and it looks like every once in a while someone decides to "follow me." I'm not sure exactly what they're hoping to find when they follow, since I've never provided any such tweets. Which gives me just one more reason to stay out of the twitterati. p.s. If you'd like to invite me to a party, just pick up the phone and call; I'll be here. If not, leave a message.

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Bob Miller said...

Bryan, I aggree with you completely!! I don't care when or what you ae eating!!