Monday, February 15, 2010

Beaumont, Beer, and The Brew Lounge on the Rhine

Patty and I had been working on the planning of a "big trip" for the year, when Stephen Beaumont posted this over on his site. A river boat cruise down (as in, the Netherlands in the North to Switzerland in the South) the Rhine River through a handful of European countries....Brew on the Rhine, as it's being called. "Hey Patty," I said, "Isn't this the same trip that we were looking at the other day? Well, guess what? Now it can be a beer vacation too!" So, on the day that my SF trip cancellation became official, we decided to finalize this trip to Europe. I guess you could say that helped assuage the letdown of missing SFBW. I don't have much else to say about this at this point, other then you can imagine how we were anticipating this trip even before it was planned. Now, with even more of a beer angle than it had to begin with, the 8 months wait will be tougher. Talking with both the booking company and Stephen the other day, it sounds like the boat has filled up quickly. If you want to join in on the floating fun of frothy fermentation (sorry), you'll need to, as they say, act now!

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Anonymous said...

Have you actually booked a room?