Saturday, February 13, 2010

SFBW '10: My friends really are missing me!

The soothing healing has begun, but as if the letdown wasn't enough, I get this ever-so-kind message from Steve Shapiro (Beer by BART) in San Francisco. Steve was going to be on of my main wing men while out there for SFBW; obviously that didn't work out this time.

So, he sent along a little picture here of some of his friends that will apparently miss me! I haven't told him which of "my friends" he won't be seeing and will stay in my cooler until next time :-p


Anonymous said...

FYI-If you are looking for a race today (2/13) there is one in Haverford at 3:30-a 5K run by the Bryn Mawr folks-Feel the Love-lots of fun

Bryan Kolesar said...

Sounds like fun, thanks for the scoop...better than running by myself :)