Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running into Philly Beer Week 2010

It's difficult to believe that we're getting ready for the 3rd installment of Philly Beer Week. The move from March to June will ensure that this year's Philly Beer Run will be the warmest one on record...unless Global Warming has anything to say about it (ha, you wanna get controversial? use the words Global and Warming in the same sentence!) In 2008, we did a simple point-to-point frills. Last year, we did a point-to-point run with some trivia thrown in the mix. Combination scoring took into account both running speed and memory recall. Prizes were handed out to a few winners amongst almost 60 runners that came out for the passion of great beer, food, running, and camaraderie. This year, the game is being taken up yet another level. Plans are still taking shape, so I'm not ready to share this all with you yet. But, here's what you Need To Know Now. There will be 3 "lead-in" runs to Philly Beer Week. One in March. One in April. And, One in May. Points will be earned for all those participating in these lead-in runs. Therefore, the final scoring will not be based solely on your participation on the day of the "big event" during PBW, but also on your participation in these 3 runs ahead of time. The more you play, the better the chance of pay! The first lead-in run will be held in two weeks on Saturday March 6th. We will meet at 11:30am and be off by 12:00pm. This will be a fun and casual run starting and ending at Dock Street Brewery at 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue. Everyone participating in the run will bank points and there will be additional opportunity for earning points once we've returned back to the pub after the run. The other two lead-in runs are tentatively being scheduled for Saturday April 3rd and Saturday May 8th. More details to come later. Please RSVP to me at for the 3/6 run no later than 2/27 to allow for adequate staff planning at Dock Street.

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