Friday, February 05, 2010

The West Coast comes to The Drafting Room

I was all prepared to tell you about the sissi-fication of my local peoples. After all, hours (that's plural) before the first flurry fell, schools were being dismissed early and workers were leaving like the end was nearing. In fact, maybe they were leaving to head off to Capone's, Sly Fox, or The Drafting Room. I myself stopped in for a couple of West Coast goodies at The Drafting Room in Exton. Apparently, it was the same thinking of many others. Maybe they were getting prepared for being shut-in and shoveling for the next couple of days and wanted one last taste of the pub life. Maybe they were putting off their emergency grocery shopping. Whatever the case, the bar area of TDR (might as well mention the dining room as well) was packed wall-to-wall. Who can blame 'em, considering names like Double Bastard, Blind Pig, Sculpin, Life & Limb, BrewDog, Green Flash, and many more littered the menu. Heather and Greg were thinking that they might have these taps to themselves for the rest of the evening, but with the way drafts were being handed over the bar, I'd be surprised if a couple of these didn't kick before there were six inches on the ground. And, I hear the same scene was being played out at Capone's where the 2nd Anniversary of Boak's Brewery was being celebrated. More of the same was going down at Sly Fox's Phoenixville location where they were conducting their monthly Incubus Friday soirée. Now that I look out my window and see 5 or so inches of snow, my only question is...Belgium is still coming to West Chester is The Brew Lounge...will you?

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