Sunday, February 07, 2010

More San Francisco Beer Week: It's On

Some of you friends of mine here on the East Coast may get tired of hearing me blather on (and on, sometimes) about other places across the country where I pull up a bar stool or a tap handle. Especially, where my day job travels and family take me occasionally to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've known at least several of you to take me up on advice that I've past along from my northern California beer trippin', so I continue to imagine that many of you do, in fact, care. So, ramble on I shall. Plus there's a good number, of followers/readers/whatever we're calling ourselves these days, that come to this here Brew Lounge from west of the Rockies.

As I prepare to head to the second half of San Francisco's Beer Week, the excitement is palpable across the Intertubes. I've always considered the eastern part of Pennsylvania to have a goodly number of beer writers, bloggers, pontificators, and the like.

The SF Bay Area, though, is right up there. Take, for example, the solid list of sites below maintained by folks around the Bay Area. Wanna know what's going on during SFBW, or any other time of the year? Hit up any of these sites, and your sure to get a pretty good idea. Some of them are damn good photographers as well.

The wonderfully thorough Jay Brooks

Beer, Food, Pictures of Jesse Friedman

The forever odyssey-seeking Brian Yaeger

The less-of-a-curmudgeon-in-2010 Jay Hinman

Derrick Peterman, of things beer and run related (sounds familiar!)

How to get around Beer Week by Bart with Steve Shapiro and Gail Williams

Creative food paired creatively with creative beer, Sean Paxton's creative isn't he?!

Finally, what am I looking at on my agenda? First, it will be focused almost exclusively on the City Proper. With limited time, there's so much to do between San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley that I don't need to be venturing farther out. Would I like to get to Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Calistoga, and Petaluma to name a few? Of course. But, as they say, there's always next time.

So, wherever my feet and BART can take me, I'll be there....including some or all of the following---okay, maybe just some:

(in no particular order)
~ Humprhy Slocumbe (beer and ice cream)
~ Toronado (barleywine)
~ 21st Amendment & Magnolia (Strong Beer Month)
~ Trumer (Celebrator anniversary party)
~ Home Brew Chef dinner with Sean Paxton and Mercedes restaurant
~ A Beer Run with me and at least two other people
~ BeerLesque at Paradise Lounge
~ Bill Brand Tribute at Drake's
~ something at Pi Bar
~ something, like Drake's release of Trippel, at The Front Porch
~ something at Triple Rock/Jupiter, maybe Barclay's too
~ a firkin at Speakeasy
~ Sunday Flamenco at Thirsty Bear
~ something at Zeitgeist, Beach/Park Chalet (homebrew event)
~ a Belgian Triple Play at La Trappe, Monk's Kettle, and The Trappist



Jay H. said...

Bryan, hope to see you here - I'm going to the City Beer Store event with Green Flash & Elysian on Wednesday 2/10 @ 6pm - let me know if you're around then!


Bryan Kolesar said...

Jay- I can't wait to get there, but right now mother nature is winning..... flight's been pushed back to Thursday ----fingers crossed