Saturday, February 06, 2010

San Francisco Beer Run 2010-=-Come Join Me

I'm heading to San Francisco to join Brian Yaeger and Derrick Peterman for a San Francisco Beer Run on the next to last day of SFBW '10.

We've got a short course planned beginning from Magnolia Brewery in The Haight and on through Golden Gate Park. Afterward, there will be good drinks for "proper rehydration" and planning for the Toronado Barleywine Festival and the rest of the weekend.

For more information, drop a note to me....or Brian....or Derrick. This event will be rain or shine, except in the case of extreme weather.

Hope to see you on Haight Street!


Mark said...

Mm - why is this dated Feb 13th when today is only Feb 06? Are you a time traveler as well as a traveler across the country? Cheers!

Brian Yaeger said...

Can't wait to run into you, figuratively.

Bryan Kolesar said...

run into: figuratively, I hope.

run with: literally, I hope!

Eric J. Wheeler said...

How many beer runners so far? The wife and I are probably in!

Bryan Kolesar said...

There's not hundreds, but there's at least a handful or two. I'm gonna refer you over to Brian Yaeger and Derrick Peterman who will be coordinating the run tomorrow. I'm snowed under in Philly and can't get to SF in time :(

Glaf to hear you two are gonna run. Have a great time and let me know how the Saison de Lilly tastes!


All sounds so good to me right now, but somehow, I'll have to sleep between now and then.