Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Something for your Sweetie. A Growler for Your Girl (or Guy). Pizza and Beer, Love is Near.

One more Iron Hill update for this month. It might be the last, but I can't promise. Had you caught wind of this special they were running for the Super Bowl? It's on again for Valentine's Day. Does anyone else think that this is quite a good deal? Now excuse me while I go back to rescheduling my trip to San Francisco...love you too Mother Nature.


Sue Finn said...

Hi Brian, Thank you for posting this! The one growler/two pizza promo is on every day and night until 10:00 PM from Feb 1 through Feb 28th! 7 days a week!

susan finn said...

Bryan...my apologies, I misspelled your name!! Sorry about your SF trip. Have a nice time when u get there.

Bryan Kolesar said...

wow, even better deal still. I must not have read the fine print..ah, yes: Offer Expires 2/28/10. Thanks, Sue.