Friday, February 05, 2010

From the City by the Bay to the City of Bridges

These guys from 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco...I can say that I knew them "when." When they were just this little brewery near the ballpark. Near the ballpark and not much else. Now the neighborhood has really grown up and so has the brewery. They're in countless states and even in the air. Virgin America Airlines, that is. They came to Pennsylvania, oh I don't know, six months ago? They hit up the eastern side of the state (well, really the Philly Metro area, of course) and now they're getting into Pittsburgh. Over the last couple of nights, they've cruised around town to places like Bocktown, Mad Mex, D's Six Pax, Fuel and Fuddle, and 3 Sons to name just a few (and I can vouch for all of them...great places to find a 21A brew!). Tonight, they'll be doing some more damage to the South Side. Shaun "Sully" O'Sullivan will be carrying the company flag at places like Fat Heads, Smokin' Joes, The Library, Ruggers, OTB Bicycle Cafe, and the Birmingham Bridge Tavern. I'll vouch likewise from personal experience for all of these except Ruggers and OTB...might need to check them out on a future visit. Tomorrow they'll finish up their "launch party trip" to da Burgh at some retail/distributor accounts like Sav-On Beer, Brians's Brewery Outlet, Save-Mor, Banksville Beer, Beer Nutz of O'Hara, Pistella Beer, and finally Hough's Sports Bar. If any yinz around those parts, you do yourself well to check out some Hell or High Watermelon Wheat (yes, even in wintertime), Brew Free or Die IPA (solid), and Monk's Blood (one of my favorite beers of the past several months). All of these come in all together now...Yes, We Can!

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