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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Beer Tasting: Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

This Oktoberfest from Samuel Adams is another example of the consistently fine product that the folks from Boston Beer Co. put out. Celebrate the season... Adam's Notes:
  • beatiful copper color
  • hoppy bitter nose
  • crisp malty bitter taste
  • clean & smooth
  • I could drink many of these
  • Sam Adams is taken for granted too often :-)
  • refined to the point of losing "off" flavors, but, not its character

Bryan's Notes:

  • Nice bronze color
  • Medium head
  • Solid malty nose
  • Even more solid malt flavors coming throughout
  • A bit of caramel in the middle to back as well
  • Just a real nice and solid, bigger-than-average, lager
  • Quite drinkable...session-like
  • Better at slightly colder serving temperature (gets a bit "dirtier lager" tasting at warmer temperature)


eli said...

A little late-to-the-game on this one, eh fellas?


Adam said...

Yeah...I think Bryan was cleaning out the fridge :-)

Bryan said...

Small price to pay for having so much good beer to choose from. Plus, didn't figure I wanted to save for next year to do a vertical tasting.