Monday, December 18, 2006

The Brew Lounge 'Topic of the Week': Music and Beer

As with many things in life, there is no absolute answer to this question. In fact, it's quite personal I suppose. I'm not right, and you're not wrong. But, while you most likely have some favorite beer drinking music (other than German polka, I presume), have you ever given thought as to why? Perhaps this a deeper and more philosophical question than you expected when you first started reading this. Or, maybe, you're rolling your eyes thinking that this sounds like just another aimless Beer Advocate thread. Heheh, maybe you're right on both counts :) Well, if you're still reading, here's my take. While you may find me on any given day listening to anything ranging from classical to country to jazz to blues to electronica to heavy metal to rap/hip-hop (who knew?), when I'm settling back with some quality brew it tends to be music from the country, blues, roots, americana, and folk genres that really sets the proper mood for me. Why, you may ask? May you? Of course, you may... After hours upon hours of soul-searching on this question (picture me sitting against a tree with a goblet, staring off into the deep blue sky), I look at these genres of music as possessing two things that I appreciate the most in music. A rhythm that can move something deep down in my soul to get the toes tapping and a real down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness (or badness) story to tell. I feel that way about my beer too. Even the best and most complex beer, in just about every circle, lacks pretension. So does most music in the genres I mentioned. Formal attire is not required for beer and an appointment is not needed to crack open some of the most special beer. And, listen to the song lyrics in these genres; they tell stories of real people, with real triumphs and tragedies, in a straightforward manner. Even some of the most sought after beers are made by people with whom you or I stand a very good chance of running in the same circles. Real people, real beer, real music, real honest-to-goodness traits. My music, my beer. Ok, you may have felt some undertones (not so "under" you say?) in the preceding paragraph of future 'Topic of the Week' versus other liquid trappings. We've danced around this subject a bit before. But, let's not get into that here. Let's leave it with a simple question...What sort of music do you favor when you're enjoying your beer and why?


Adam said...

I would have to say that beer doesn't affect my choice as much as it amplifies my need. I'm more likely to plug in the iPod while I'm drinking a beer. Maybe drinking a beer is a signal that it is time to relax. For me that usually requires music.

WHAT I listen to, is not influenced by beer, but, I'm more likely to listen to music while drinking a beer.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than Tea Leaf Green for me when drinking some brews.

They do a great job of covering the slow and mellow up to fast and furious range in a concert.

If the first song on this show doesnt make you want a beer I dont know what would.
TLG 12-9-2006

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Bryan, throw us a bone here....don't you have any favorites?