Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beer Tips: What beer to choose as a gift? (Day 4.5)

Ok I stopped by Michael's Deli. You should check out their beer list. Wow I was floored! There were plenty of options. Big bottles and small bottles. My two choices were. Bryan here are your presents for this year! (Do I get to have a taste? Heheh!)

Now I'm sure I paid way to much for both of these beers, but, it was better than driving to Delaware and going to Total Wine. I viewed it as a convenience store purchase. I was surprised I would find any singles within the Belgian Strong Pale Ale style.

Merry Christmas Bryan!

Tomorrow I'll continue this series. We'll take a look at beer related gifts. Thanks for the suggestion Bryan :-)

Read about some of my favorite beer related gifts on day 5


Eli said...

I'm surprised that this was such a challenge. Where you limiting your travel range? I thought the Foodery in downtown Philly had a pretty good selection when I was there at the end of November.

Out this way, there's a place called D's in Pittsburgh that has an _amazing_ selection of singles. The 'beer cave' they call it. Sure you pay through the nose, but thats PA beer laws.

Adam said...

Hi Eli,

Yep, I was limiting my travel range. King of Prussia is about 15 minutes from here. Delaware Total Wine would be my next stop if I couldn't find what I needed. Philly would be my last resort. The Foodery is awesome from what Bryan tells me.

Actually the whole thing wasn't too challenging. The challenge was finding something near by that Bryan would like.

I actually though he hadn't tried the Rogue, but, alas he tasted it at one of the Public Houses.

I think I found out that the challenge was my memory. It would have helped to have a list of all the beers he has tasted too!

I think he'll enjoy them.