Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mission accomplished. - Help! Help me choose my next case of Winter Brew!

It is time to get a good winter brew. I have some ideas, but, I get all confused when I stand in the distributor ( in PA we buy beer by the case ) and look at the stacks and stacks of beer I get confused. Sooooooooo...I'm asking your help.
What case of beer should be my next case of beer? I'm thinking heavy and full of flavor. Something to drink when its freezing outside.

Thanks Eli, for the suggestion. I stopped by Exton, Beverage to see what they had. Well I'm happy to say I came home with a case of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

While I was there I also picked up Wild Goose Snow Goose. Now that I'm looking at the review on beeradvocate I think I made a mistake. I think I wanted to get Pyramid Snow Cap. My brain is misfiring! Sheesh!


Eli said...

I recently got a case of Great Divide Hibernation Ale, its tasty, though I'm not sure I can handle the whole case, so I traded a few away.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale is great, too, though I'm not sure you guys can get that out east.

Troegs Mad Elf is amazing, but hardly an 'everyday' beer.

How about Sierra Nevada Celebration?

I had a Rogue Santa's Private Reserve recently and really liked it, but its a bit of a departure as far as winter warmers go...

Adam said...

Hibernation...haven't had.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale...haven't had

Troegs Mad Elf...Bryan says this year batch is awesome

Sierra Nevada Celebration...haven't had or can't remember

Rogue's Santa's Reserve...I agree with you

Wow...those are all great suggestions! I wonder if I could get Great Lakes Christmas Ale at Shangy's? Hmmm...

Eli said...

See? It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I'd be surprised if you see Great Lakes anywhere past the middle of the state.

Adam said...

Funny that you should mention that. With all the hoopla at stores and on TV I get a little scrooge like. When Bryan gets the Holiday Beer Exchange going I suddenly feel like a new man!

12 cases of holiday beer split up and mixed into 12 Christmas variety packs. Everybody sing!

Its the most wonderful time of the year...