Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Change of guard coming at McKenzie Brew House

First, the ridiculously frosted this. I won't go into the detail here, since it's covered well by Jack, over here. But, can I just express my utter disbelief at how the ownership of McKenzie Brew House can consider this a good move for their business? Perhaps they have something up their sleeve that will make McKenzie a bigger beer destination than it is today. But, really, with Abbey 11, Vuuve, and Belgian Pale due to come on in the next month or so, I was planning to be there several times for in-person and growler fillups. Presumably, they'll still be going online, but after that...who knows what's in store. Truly, I'm a bit shocked...but, you know, at the same time a bit relieved. Having heard the tales in the past of how Scott had been "restrained" by the owners in his brewing latitude, I'm now so curious of what will happen next. Where will he go? Heheh, this is like watching the free agent market in baseball, no? I guess the way to look at this is, something good usually comes from something bad. So, too bad for McKenzie and hopefully the future will bring better times for Scott and his beer-drinking fans.

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