Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beer Dinner: DFH @ Monks and er..Beer Fest, The Movie

Not that I'm excited about going to Monk's or anything ;-) (I'm goin' outta my freakin' mind!)Here's Bryan's post from earlier this week with the menu. So the closer this gets the more I'm thinking it could be the best beer event of the year for me. Ok...Ommegang would be hard to beat. How about 2nd best? Tonight, however, will be in sharp contrast to last night. A few of us got together and watched Beer Fest. What a blast! It was a funny movie. It's not for everybody, but, if you like sophmoric humor and you're not easily offended...well lets just say that you've been warned. Bryan and I were talking about it a bit afterward. I started thinking about which of these defines the beer scene for me? Brew Fest the movie or Monk's DFH beer dinner. Its a fair question that I felt some responsibility to ponder. I think you could guess what I would say (Monks), but, I think they both have their place. I just hope people don't look a this movie and complain too much about how it drags down the craft beer industry...well any more than Animal House or Old School. I for one LMAO. For the record they had a few props familiar to homebrewers. Anybody notice them? Not to mention some extras that gave a quasi serious historical view on beer. Anyway...did I mention that we're going to Monks for the DFH dinner? ;-)


Eli said...

I don't care about the representation of beer, its a damn comedy.

What I want to know, is it full of low-brow humor and gratuitous nudity?!

Adam said...

Yes and YES!