Friday, December 22, 2006

Beer Tips: 10 Beer related gifts. (Day 5)

In this series I'm exploring the difficulties of buying beer as a gift. Yesterday I finally found two beers I thought Bryan would like. Nevermind that I found out he had already tasted both. (rolls eyes) Somehow I knew that was going to happen. Today I'm going to jump to a related topic, beer related gifts. There are plenty of beer related items out there, from Beeropoly to home brewing equipment to Michael Jackson DVDs to beer dinner tickets. I could go on and on. Here are the top gifts that catch my eye and a few fun choices as well.

Anybody have other beery gifts in mind this year? We would really like to hear about them! I think we'll wrap up this series tomorrow with a few odds and ends and a recap.

Don't forget to TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE BEER GIFTS! I'd like to include that in the wrap up.


Bryan Kolesar said...

{read in a Kramer voice} These postings are making me thirsty!

Eli said...

East End Brewing in Pittsburgh (and I'll bet a few other brewers) does a Gift Pack, I think its a t-shirt, a pint glass, an empty growler and 'free fill' punchcard. Very cool gift.

Adam said...

Nice. I miss Pittsburgh. Lived there for a bit in the early 90's.