Sunday, December 31, 2006

What are you toasting with on New Year's Eve?

Yesterday I began with Left Hand Warrior IPA and Rogue Santa Private Reserve. For today and tonight, I have a nice little selection to choose from. In the cooler, I have DFH World Wide Stout, New Glarus Enigma, Boulder Killer Penguin, Middle Ages Double Wheat, Pyramid Snow Cap, Left Hand Snowbound, and Brooklyn Winter Ale. Over the coming weeks, you'll see tasting notes from these all show up here. What quality brew are toasting with on this New Year's Eve or tomorrow on New Year's Day?


Adam said...

I'm thinking some of the barleywine I brewed. I'm sure there will be something else too, but, the toast at midnight will be the barleywine :-)

Here's to what has past and what has yet to come.


Eli said...

Not sure yet, I've got a few different things in mind: Stone 10th, Sly Fox Ichor, East End Snow Melt, not sure...

Side note: I absolutely loved the Santa's Private Reserve and wish I would have snatched up more than a bottle when it was available.

Adam said...

Santa's Private Reserve is much better this year. Did you have it last year? I was a little dissappointed, but, this year...whoah! We'll have a review up here some time.

Bryan Kolesar said...

I have last year's Santa another bottle of this year's. Sometime in January, we'll need to get the two side-by-side and see how they measure up this year.

The bottle I had last night, imho, was a nicely crafted, well-rounded beer. All the components nicely represented without being over the top.

I'm about to crack open...let's see...the Brooklyn Winter Ale before we take the dogs for a walk on the beach with some lunch.


Eli said...

Nope, this was my first year with the Santa. Next year, I'm getting a case!

I'm hoping the new Rogue Dry-hopped Red they are releasing will be just as tasty.