Saturday, December 16, 2006

Beer Tasting: Rock Art Ridge Runner Barleywine

Adam and I split a variety case of Rock Art, which has become more commonly available in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. 'So far, so good' we say to the crew from Vermont.

Bryan's Notes:
  • Dark with an off-white fluffy head
  • Slick pour
  • Malty aroma matches the flavor
  • Kinda dark lager, kinda stoutish tasting
  • Hops not all too noticeable
  • But, like the IPA that didn't fit the style, I'm not quite sure I'd call this a bonified barleywine
  • A bit of molasses gives me a hint of being a strong ale/barleywine
  • Another drinkable, non-offending brew from Rock Art

Adam's Notes:
  • Something to note here. Doesn't Vermont have a 8% abv beer law? That would really restrict you in this style.
  • I had a hard time thinking this was a barleywine.
  • I don't have one to taste right now, but, I think I can remember it pretty well.
  • It wasn't bad. It might actually taste better over time.
  • A bit too bubbly and thin.


Chris Matthieu said...

You should review this beer on Chug'd!

Eli said...

I got one of these in a trade and have been waiting to open it. Thanks for the review!