Tuesday, December 12, 2006

E.J. Phair in Concord, CA

E.J. Phair in Concord, CA offers up a bevy of brews spanning the spectrum from light to dark, ale to lager, light- to full-bodied. In fact, they routinely keep approximately 8 on tap in their brewpub on Salvio Street just off the town square in downtown Concord. The interior is quite spacious and tasteful. I could certainly see spending quality happy hour time at E.J. Phair after work; oh wait, that really is how this short story came about.

Actually, Matt and I stopped here just for a quick afterwork sampling. I don't have a lot to say (I can hear a roar going up across the Internet!) since we only spent enough time to polish off one pint. But, the convivial vibe from the other patrons as well as the bartender made for a comfortable experience.

As if their numerous tap selections were not enough, they also have a variety of guest taps ranging from Drake's Jolly Rodger 2006 version to Anchor to Russian River's Pliny the Elder. And, to add to the feel, there are a couple of long wooden tables and bench seating to give a more communal feel to the experience.

We learned from the bartender that they are having difficulty keeping up with the growing demand for their product. They are in the process of growing their brewing operations into a new facility in Pittsburg (no 'h', this is CA not PA). Seems like successful days lie ahead for this solid brewery/brewpub operation. Check it out if you have a chance.

Oh, and you'll be able to find their beers around the Northern California region, like at Toronado where we did just such a thing a couple of nights later.

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