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Friday, July 03, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Others, Part 4: Ladder 15

Don't know these guys, haven't myself yet been there. Have heard mixed reactions that I will need to check against my own reactions. However, this was Mrs. Brew Lounge's experience from this past weekend at the relatively new Ladder 15 just a few doors down from Nodding Head. Think you'd ever hear this at Nodding Head? If Ladder 15 is truly interested in supporting and promoting the craft beer scene, I'll hope that this sort of scene is not played out too often at their bar. Mrs. TBL: Could I have a Flying Fish please? The abbey dubbel. [Bartender sets glass bottle on the bar; walks away; returns with others drinks] [Mrs. TBL gives a tilt of the head and a curious look as bartender notices she hasn't yet drunk from the bottle] Bartender: Oh, did you want a glass for that? Later in the session...Something you don't expect to hear too often: Mrs. TBL: Could I have a Sly Fox please? Bartender: Sorry, we replaced Sly Fox with Budweiser.


David said...


kmudrick said...

Went in once. Thoroughly unimpressed especially considering the plethora of other outstanding places nearby. Around happy hour it is filled with popped-collar douchey types too.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Wow, no way... When did douchy types come back into fashion?! I must not be hanging out at the right places

Marck said...

and Sly Fox should have been replaced with what - PBR ? :)