Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, might get to me after all

Watching "link traffic" to The Brew Lounge vacillate from longtime beer beacons like BeerAdvocate and generally increase from "social networking sites" like FaceBook and Twitter has me rethinking my position. I finally gave into FaceBook last year and increased my presence, all while saying it would be a cold day before I did the same with Twitter, what I nervously referred to as a culture and conversation killer. Seeing that 37 people have the gumption to follow me on Twitter, even without me having uttered so much as a burp on Twitter since the account was created over 2 years ago...I figured that this weekend at Ommegang might be the right time to experiment with Twitter. One thing I've noticed in the past at Ommegang's annual Belgium Comes to Cooperstown event (BCTC) is that there are so, so many parties that pop up across the brewery's acres and acres of property. Problem is, you could be at one campsite sipping on some delicious homebrew and clear across the property, some commercial brewer decides to break out some growlers or kegs of something very special that they brought along to share. You tend to only find out about the things you missed out on after its happened. There's both a beauty and a blasted curse to the whole thing. So here I go jumping into the Twitterverse. I don't know what good Twittequette is, what to expect from Twitter, what I will add to it, or what others will get from it. This could be ugly...or it could be fun. Or I might never find a AT&T 3G network or WiFi network in Cooperstown and I might be able to go back to my peaceful business as usual. Go ahead, follow me...maybe I'll follow you...we'll give this thing a try and see if it surpasses the low expectations that I've always had set for it. And all the while, I promise that I'll try to be more positive :) Here I am, all exposed over in Twitter, go find me,,,follow me....or whatever you do over there!

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